When to Request a Roof Inspection after Installation

A roofer climbing ladder to inspect the roof installation

After a new roof or roof fixture is installed, you may wonder if you’re better off requesting a professional roof inspection. In rainy Western Washington, it’s crucial to identify leaks early, as well as ensure your roof drains properly in order to avoid roof moss and water damage later on. These are the situations when it’s most important to request a roof inspection after installation.

If Your Roof is Not Under Warranty

Pro Roofing NW inspects each roof carefully after installation. In fact, we test and re-measure our own work throughout the process. Because of the care and attention we invest in our roofing, we confidently provide a Lifetime Warranty on new roof installations as well as a manufacturer’s warranty.

If your roof is not under warranty, such as if your roof was installed or repaired by friends or an independent contractor, the best way to protect your roof is to have experienced roofers double-check the work. Professional roofers identify problems that inexperienced contractors do not, which can help you save big down the road.

After Roof Fixture Installation

If you have recently had a fixture installed on your roof, we recommend a professional roof inspection shortly after installation. This precaution will identify issues before costly damage occurs.

Examples of Roof Fixtures:

  • Sun Roof

  • Solar Tube

  • Solar Panels

  • Satellite Dish

  • Faux Chimney

The most common roof issue caused by skylight installation is water damage, which can affect the interior of your home and become more costly to repair over time. When the weight of a skylight is not supported, this can cause We recommend professional skylight installation in order to avoid

If There are Signs of Leaks

Leaks are tricky to spot until they become serious. On the first bright, sunny day after roof work has been done, someone can climb into your attic and look around with the lights off. Any light not coming from a vent or window is a sure sign that rainwater can come into the house. Spotting these light spots can prevent a leak before it even occurs. If a leak has already developed, there will be more obvious signs: moist spots, dark circles, lines shaped like trickling water, or water dripping inside the house. These problems will first appear in the attic before soaking into the ceiling of the top floor. We earnestly encourage homeowners to call for an inspection long before these problems develop.

If the Attic Walls are Damp

You can spot serious roofing issues from inside your home. After heavy rainfall, the interior walls of your attic may become damp. If the issue is only in one spot, the solution is likely to replace the flashing: a simple repair that won’t leave your wallet hurting. If the walls are moist throughout the attic, the wrong underlayment materials may have been used, causing water to soak through. In this case, you may have to brace for roof replacement.

If there are Dark Streaks on the Roof

If your roof is developing dark streaks, or if some shingles feel moist after it rains, this means parts of the roof are retaining moisture and may need to be redone. If part of a roof retains moisture for months or years, the wood begins to rot and will need to be replaced as well. Roof repairs are more affordable when problems first appear, and become costlier later on.

A roof inspection is a simple precaution against costly repairs later. If you are in Western Washington and would like a roof inspection or other professional roofing services, please call (888) 599-8591 or contact us online.

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