Leaf & Needle-Proof Gutter Systems

Needle & Leaf-Proof Gutter Systems in Seattle

Keep Your Gutters Free from Debris!

While gutters are effective at catching and removing water from your roof, they also tend to collect dirt and other debris such as twigs, leaves, and pine needles. When this happens, gutters can clog and lead to water overflow. The water can then seep into your home’s foundation or leak through your roof.

Leaf-proof gutter guards are the best way to keep leaves and pine needles out of your gutter and reduce or eliminate the need for regular gutter cleaning. The best gutter guards protect you from constantly needing to remove pine needles, leaves, and debris – preventing them from damming rainwater and damaging your roof. 

If you want to prevent clogged gutters, reach out to Pro Roofing NW. We’ll help protect your home with our pine needle and leaf gutter protection systems or gutter guards. Although there are several types of gutter guards on the market today, we only recommend the most reliable and durable. Our Seattle-area roofers will help you choose the best product for your home.

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Types of Gutter Protection Systems

Pro Roofing NW offers two main leaf-proof and debris inhibiting systems. In the 17 years that we’ve been in this business, our team has seen hundreds of gutter guards before. We can assure you that these systems are the most effective in filtering out gutter blocking debris and keeping your gutters free-flowing.

Below are the following needle and leaf gutter protection systems we recommend:

  • Micromesh® – An aluminum powder coated and interlocking system joint together to create one continuous piece. Micromesh gutter guards are some of the best gutter guards for pine needles, and work exceptionally well with all types of debris. Micromesh gutter guards only allow very fine particles (silt) into the gutter which are easily removed. One convenient feature of the Micromesh gutter guards is they can be accessed after they are installed. Micromesh gutter guards only come in black but are very attractive, and barely visible from the ground. Micromesh will not allow needles, leaves, or even roof granules from entering into and clogging the gutter system.
  • Leaf-Proof Additions® – An interlock gutter guard system that comes in a variety of colors thanks to their painted finish. Leaf-proof gutter guards work well for leaves and needles but must be installed in conjunction with a new roof. As with most leaf and needle systems, leaf-proof gutter additions will only allow a small amount of debris into the gutters, which will be flushed out in the first rain.

What's the Best Gutter Guard for Pine Needles?

Western Washington is filled with pine trees, and the millions and millions of pine needles that come with them. Unsurprisingly, clogged gutters caused by pine needles is a common problem, but fortunately, there's an easy solution!

The best gutter guard for pine needles is one with fine mesh screens or micro-mesh technology. These guards effectively prevent pine needles from entering the gutters while allowing water to flow through. Pro Roofing NW offers durable and easy-to-install options, providing your gutters with reliable protection against clogs caused by pine needles, leaves, and other debris in the long term.

Ready to leaf-proof your gutters in King County, Snohomish County, Pierce County, Kitsap County, or any of the surrounding areas of Western Washington? Call Pro Roofing NW at (888) 599-8591 for a free estimate!

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