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What To Expect During A Roof Inspection

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The roof is arguable the most important structural element o your home. It’s what keeps the weather at bay, helps to regulate the temperature, and keeps you feeling cozy and safe under its protection. But your roof can only do its job if it is well maintained and cared for.

That’s where roof inspections come in. Roof inspections play a critical role in keeping your roof in check and protecting your home as well.

How a Roof Inspection Works

Throughout a roof inspection, our main goal is to assess the structure of the roof and determine if there are any repairs that need to be made or if it’s time to install an entirely new roof. We’ll check for moss growth, loose, cracked, or broken shingles, and we’ll inspect the wear and tear of the flashing to make sure the roof is still waterproof.

Benefits of a Roof Inspection

While an inspection might just sound like price tags to you upfront, regular roof inspections will actually save you money over time. When we find a problem during an inspection, we’re able to fix it right away instead of waiting until the problem is large enough for the homeowner to notice.

Regular inspections will also keep your roof’s warranty intact. Most roof installations in the state of Washington come with a warranty of 30 years or more. At Pro Roofing NW, we take it a step further and provide lifetime warranties for our roof installations. However, to keep that warranty valid, the homeowner has a few responsibilities. One is to schedule an annual inspection, and two is to schedule regular roof cleanings.

If it’s been a little longer than a year since your last roof inspection or cleaning, it’s time to give our team a call. Contact us through this number (888) 599-8591 or via our website today!

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