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Gutter Protection

Picture of a white gutter.

Gutter Protection

The same climate that makes the Pacific Northwest such a lush, green and beautiful place to live is also harsh on the things that keep us dry—namely roofs and gutters. While roof care gets a fair amount of attention, gutters can sometimes be overlooked, becoming stuffed with leaves and other debris.

Regular upkeep, such as gutter cleanings and inspections, and overall proactive measures such as trimming back branches that could cause clogs and damage, are basic and necessary steps to take for any homeowner. However, there’s a simpler step that can decrease the overall workload of maintaining your gutters. Gutter protection systems can save homeowners time, worry, and quite possibly money in costly repairs.

Gutter Protection: Don’t Leave Your Home Without It

Although small and somewhat unobtrusive, gutters play an important role in the overall health and welfare of your entire home. When they are clogged, cracked or left unprotected, unanticipated problems can arise—and they tend to be somewhat soggy in nature.

  • Foundation troubles: When gutters are full of leaves, pine needles or other plant life, they can become overfull and overflow. The water that spills over the sides will often find its way into your home’s foundation, causing cracks and other costly damage.
  • Interior leaks: Water that isn’t able to flow through gutters and into downspouts as it should has to go somewhere, and sometimes where it goes is inside your home, damaging windows, walls and even your home’s interior flooring.
  • Basement flooding: Like rain, itself, basement floods are all too common in the Seattle area. Water table issues are a common culprit in basement flooding, as is water that overflows gutters. It’s both challenging and costly to try and mitigate the water that comes from below, but adding gutter protection to your home is a simple way to prevent basement flooding from above.
  • Runaway mold: Much like basement flooding, mold growth is a fact of life in this somewhat soggy region. Mold in poorly maintained gutters is a two-pronged problem. First, when gutters overflow and water runs down the side of a home, it creates ideal circumstances for mold growth. Second, leaf matter and plant life can accumulate inside gutters, encouraging mold to grow.

Gutter Protection Systems

At Pro Roofing NW, we are well-trained and well-equipped to help you choose the best gutter protection for your home and the climate we live in. We offer a trio of gutter protection systems, each carefully chosen for maximum effectiveness to extend the life of your gutters and provide you with peace of mind. Our experts can assess which system is right for you and talk you through the particulars of gutter protection cost and installation.

All of our systems provide protection from leaves and debris:

Micromesh is exceptional for filtering all kinds of leaves, twigs, needles and other debris, allowing only silt through and into the gutter, which is then washed away easily.

If you’re in need of a new roof, you may want to consider installing Leaf-Proof Additions at the same time. Leaf-Proof Additions come in a variety of colors and work well for keeping leaves and needles out of your gutters, allowing in only those fragments small enough to be flushed away with the next rain.

Not sure which gutter protection system is right for you? Learn more about the gutter protection systems we offer, or contact Pro Roofing NW when you’re ready to make your gutters leaf-proof, needle-proof and well-protected!

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