7 Tips For Securing Holiday Decor To Your Roof

Picture of Decorated Roof

When it comes to the holiday season, your roof becomes a display for all things festive! From Halloween to Christmas, decorations are placed in succession. That’s why we here at Pro Roofing NW are providing some safety tips for decor placement! Before you secure your infamous blow-up skeleton this year, follow these steps:

Wear Rubber-Soled Shoes

When it comes to climbing onto your roof, rubber-soled shoes are a must. These soles will grip your roofing, preventing any sliding from jeopardizing your safety. This is a simple precaution to take, and the extra friction will help you remain stable while you are securing your decor!

Plan Ahead

Getting your decorations up can be exciting, but it is important to not be too eager. Rather than getting ahead of yourself, take a step back and strategize. From the tools you need to fasten your decorations, to the clothes you wear to do so—make sure they are all laid out and all of your supplies are ready for a successful installation. You don’t want to find out that you are missing something when you are pitched on the peak of your roof.

Have A Buddy

Whenever you are on your roof, you should have a trusted friend or family member with you. This is imperative in case of injury, not to mention an extra set of hands is usually necessary. Whether your ladder tips over or you simply need someone to hand you an extra tool—always stick to the buddy system when decorating.

Practice Ladder Safety

Injuries from falling are the most common holiday-related accident. Understand how to secure your ladder on stable grounds, have a buddy spot you at all times, and never lean too far over either side of the ladder. For more in-depth information, here are the best practices for ladder safety, outlined by the National Safety Council.

Be Mindful Of Your Shingles

When securing your Halloween lights and decor, make sure you are not pulling up on your shingles. Use sandbags to hold lighter items down, and remember to not use staples, as these can damage your roof and siding. Tying things down is your best bet to avoid causing any cracks or leaks!

For roofing repairs and services, contact Pro Roofing NW at (888) 599-8591! We are here to ensure your Halloween decor does not compromise your roofing!

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