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Everyone deserves a strong, durable roof for their homes and commercial properties. Whether yours is already old and dilapidated or has visible damages like missing shingles or large holes, turn to Pro Roofing NW. We offer a full range of roofing services that can ensure the integrity of your roof. In our over 12 years of service, we can proudly say that our roofing company always delivers the highest level of workmanship possible. We even have a 100% safety rating in all our job sites. Our roofers are highly trained and can handle even the toughest roofing jobs.

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Using Safe, Eco-Friendly Practices

We are committed to setting the standards for safety and quality while providing a positive experience for our customers, vendors, and employees. In fact, our roofing company currently has a 100% safety rating. When you want a hassle-free and seamless roofing job from start to finish, work with an expert roofing team like us. We always deliver on our promise of providing only the highest quality of work and customer service.

Setting the Standard for Safety & Quality

Things to Do in SeattleSkyline view of Seattle with Mt. Rainier in the distance.A once-scrappy port town that is now a sophisticated tech hub, Seattle has had a lot of different identities since its official founding in 1851. These days, Seattle is known for many different and often-disparate things—it’s the home of Amazon and the birthplace of Boeing. It is the epicenter of coffee culture in the United States. It is a regional center of the performing arts and particularly renowned for its rich music scene. Though it rains all the time, true Seattleites never use umbrellas—which is an outsized point of Pacific Northwest pride among all who live here. At Pro Roofing, we know all about the city and its many wonders because we live and work in the communities we serve. As such, we spend as much time on the ground in Seattle as we do on the city’s roofs—and we have some suggestions for things to do in Seattle, including our favorite Seattle restaurants and other Seattle attractions.

Seattle Attraction

A local Seattle neighborhood viewed from across the bay

No matter how long we’ve lived and worked in and near Seattle, we love pretending to be visitors and seeing the city through the eyes of tourists. Which is why our list of fun things to do in Seattle contains items that first-timers would enjoy. Some activities never get old, among them our tried-and-true suggestions for common Seattle attractions that are a good time for visitors and residents alike. 

For instance, no matter how long we’ve lived in close proximity to it, a visit to the Pike Place Market always ranks among the best things to do in Seattle. Don’t get distracted by the Gum Wall or lured into standing in the long line outside the original Starbucks location (we’ve done it and it’s just like every other Starbucks store on the planet)—the true magic of the Market and one of the reasons it lands on every list of things to see in Seattle is its eclectic variety of hyperlocal vendors. At more than a century old, Pike Place Market is still very much a going concern, meaning that after you watch the fishmongers fling fish through the air for wild applause, you can actually buy the freshest regional seafood from them. Augment it with veggies and condiments from nearby stalls and you’ve got a PNW meal fit for royalty.

Another of the fun things to do in Seattle is to take the Seattle Underground Tour. After a massive 1899 fire gutted Seattle’s original neighborhood, Pioneer Square, the streets were regraded to be one or two stories higher, and the new city sprung up directly atop the old one. The underground portion of the city remained in use for 20 or so years, before it was condemned due to concerns about the spread of the bubonic plague. In 1965, a portion of Underground Seattle was restored and made available to tour. The Seattle Underground Tour remains wildly popular and there’s no better way to safely explore the city’s underbelly than by traversing the underground warren of disused storefronts, tunnel entrances and associated artifacts with a lively and well-educated tour guide. 

One of the top items on our list of fun things to do in Seattle is a visit to the Fremont Troll, a truly colossal mixed-media statue—and quite possibly the quirkiest piece of public art in a city full of quirky art—that lives under the Aurora Bridge. However, once you’ve beheld the troll in all his giant splendor, there’s not much else to do with him. So instead we’re going to suggest that you visit another wildly popular Seattle attraction, which consists of several lively piers that are filled with iconic restaurants, souvenir shops like you’ve never seen before, sidewalk vendors and the Seattle Great Wheel, from which you can take in a high-flying view of the city and its watery environs. To get an up-close look at the various life forms that inhabit the surrounding waters, the Seattle Aquarium is conveniently located on the waterfront and always worth a visit. 

Seattle Restaurants

Seattle's pikes place fish market

Seattle used to be a big city without a food identity all its own—unless you count being able to find plentiful fish and chips as a noteworthy food identity. These days, the fish and chips remain plentiful—and delicious—and the Seattle restaurant scene is renowned. Seattle restaurants routinely win James Beard awards and other prestigious culinary accolades, and for those looking to have an exceedingly special and rarefied dining experience, we heartily recommend Seattle restaurants such as Canlis, Spinasse or Art of the Table. Our tastes, however, run to being a little more eclectic and a whole lot less refined. 

  • Situ Tacos: The best taco bar you’ve never heard of is located inside the Jupiter Bar. Though it’s new to Seattle’s dining scene, its unique tacos with a Lebanese twist are a must-try for adventurous eaters. Order the Hushwe Tacos and don’t eat the toothpicks.
  • Dick’s Drive-In: With eight locations, some of which have been around for more than half a century, eating at Dick’s is a regional rite of passage. In a city of $20 burgers, a bronze-foil-wrapped Dick’s Deluxe will cost you just north of five bucks, and the hand-cut fresh fries are a must. Just don’t ask for substitutions because custom orders are never on the menu at this iconic Seattle spot. 
  • Un Bien: Seattle’s most famous sandwiches used to come courtesy of Paseo’s, a humble Caribbean spot that folks used to line up down the block for. It closed amid scandal and from its ashes rose Un Bien, with familial ties to Paseo’s and a nearly identical menu. The sandwiches remain as delicious—and messy—as they ever were. Order the Caribbean Roast and don’t skimp on the napkins. 

This barely scratches the surface of fun things to do in Seattle—we haven’t even touched on the offerings found at the Seattle Center, its many museums, its diverse neighborhoods or its bountiful nightlife. You could spend a lifetime exploring Seattle attractions, and we’ll be exploring right along with you.

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