How To Take Care of Your Roof

Roof care can often be overlooked– you might rarely notice your roof when it's doing a good job, but you can bet you’ll notice when something goes wrong! With the right maintenance and regular care, you can ensure your roof will continue providing ideal ventilation and insulation while lasting a lifetime.

How Often Should You Clean Your Roof?

Cleaning your roof and gutters at least twice per year are the simplest ways to prevent damage. As you might know, the Pacific Northwest is prone to rainfall. Instead of allowing liquid to drain smoothly, clogged gutters will collect rainwater which can easily soak into the roofing structure. As you’re cleaning, check to see if water is draining away from the house rather than gathering around the foundations, and take note of any soft spots or damp areas where you suspect water may be absorbed. Leave these clogged gutters untreated for too long, and you’re likely to discover water damage and leakage– a significantly more costly repair. Allow too much debris to accumulate along with the water damage, and you’ll eventually find your roof showing signs of sagging and structural weakness. Want to make life easier and avoid digging leaves and dirt out of those gutters? Wise homeowners can invest in a gutter guard to block the majority of leaves, dirt, and debris. Though these guards will take care of the majority of work for you, be sure to check on them for occasional cleaning. Roofs can be slippery and more treacherous than one anticipates– if you’re in doubt, contact us for professional roof care and we’ll provide exceptional service and inspection.

Trim Surrounding Trees

No matter how often you clear your roof and gutters, leaves and branches will accumulate rather quickly and with significant impact if you neglect to trim overhanging trees. In Washington especially, the evergreen forests we’re blessed with can become treacherous when combined with heavy winds and storms. Take care of any potential hazards early, and you’ll avoid serious damage down the road.

Keep an Eye Out

Roof maintenance needs are more specific depending on the type of roof your structure possesses. If your roof is shingled, you’ll want to make sure the shingles are in good condition, and that none of them are missing or cracked. Flat roofs can develop uneven surfaces, allowing excess weight to accrue in specific areas, while metal roofs can be prone to dents, scratches, and rust. These flaws are not only externally noticeable, but can also be observed from the interior of the house. Look out for light spots, often visible through the attic, discoloration and moist spots on the walls or ceiling. The best thing a homeowner can do in these situations is to simply keep an eye out, and take note of anything out of the ordinary. Handling roof repairs yourself can be a dangerous undertaking, and professional roofers will be able to provide the safest, most efficient, and most effective means of repair and regular roof care.
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