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Holiday Decorating Done Safely

Holiday lights on a house

The best way to spread holiday cheer is decorating safely for all to see! It seems like the end of the year holidays come so quickly, one after another, passing by in a blur. We at Pro Roofing NW are here to help you focus on safety even during the busy holiday season. The following steps should help:

Check the Forecast

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but your roof will be so delightful! While Seattle rarely sees snow in December and January, we do see a fair amount of rain. Plan ahead by looking at the upcoming forecast. Make sure the day of and before decorating are free of rain - working on a slick and wet roof is very risky and can lead to personal injury or damage to your roof.

Scope It Out

Before you start transforming your house into a winter wonderland, take time to scope out the current state of your roof. Clean out the gutters, check the quality of your shingles, and remove any debris. This will help you save time, and ensure everything is in a safe and clean condition to decorate.

Double-check your Equipment

Save yourself a trip up the ladder and a frustrating time by making sure all of your equipment works on the ground. Take time to plug in your strings of lights and inflatables beforehand; ensuring they all light up, inflate, and make the sounds they are supposed to. This way, you can plan a trip to the store if needed before you’re already twenty feet in the air.

Buddy Up

Everything is better in twos, especially when decorating. Having a second opinion and a set of eyes and hands is always beneficial to your safety and ensuring that all of your decorations match and aren’t hung up crooked.

Consider Lasting Damage

Having tools and decorations that will not permanently damage your shingles need to be a top priority when decorating. Avoid using nails and staple guns to secure lights and fixtures, instead opt for hooks or sandbags. Ensuring no holes are left in your roof guarantees that the elements will stay outside, and your money will stay in your pockets.

For roofing repairs and services contact Pro Roofing NW at (888) 599-8591! We are here to ensure your roof brings you cheer all year long!

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