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How Pro Roofing Goes Green

A metal roof

Supporting and protecting the environment is a task that we all have to dedicate ourselves to on an individual basis. But what makes an even more significant and more impactful difference is when companies choose to make environmental consciousness a part of their business model.

That’s one reason green roofing is so important to us at Pro Roofing NW. Throughout this blog, we’re going to explain what green roofing is to us and how it helps our local community and the greater environment as well.

How We Go Green

Roofing Materials

When we can, we opt for EcoStar roofing materials, which are made of 80% recycled components! We also opt for metal roofs and reflective roofing materials to help with the efficiency of our client’s homes.


At Pro Roofing NW, we recycle more than just our old documents. We also make sure to print any necessary documents on recycled paper. It’s a bit more expensive, but it’s worth it in our eyes.

We also recycle our roofing materials and have been for years. Our asphalt roof tiles are all made of recycled material. Additionally, we make sure to bring all of our leftover materials directly to the Waste Management Recycling Plant.

Reducing Waste

As we alluded to before, we try our best to avoid printing documents when we can, and if we must print them, we use recycled paper. In order to do this, we have invested in a nearly paperless information management system, and we use emails to communicate most of our preappointment information.

Our part might be small, but our ideas and business practices will hopefully inspire those who work with us. To learn more about our green roofing services, contact our team at Pro Roofing NW either through our website or by calling at (888) 599-8591!

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