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How to Increase Your Home's Natural Lighting

Natural lighting

Nothing spruces up a room like a bit of natural light. If your house feels more like a cave than a home, it might be time to make some adjustments. Relatively minor projects can have a major impact on your home's appearance. By installing skylights, using sheer curtains, or installing solar tubes, you can bring some light into your home without having to purchase a single bulb.

Install Skylights

A skylight is the simplest way to let natural light into your home. A little bit of transparent glass in the ceiling will do wonders to brighten the appearance of an entire room. Just make sure you plan ahead before installing a skylight in your ceiling. You'll want to choose a spot that takes full advantage of the sun's positioning.

Use Thin or Sheer Curtains

Curtains are a great way to provide privacy and keep a room from overheating, but they are sometimes so opaque that they block the sunlight altogether. Thin or sheer curtains will give you all the same advantages while allowing natural light to flow into the home. Fabric that lets light pass through while cutting the glare is perfect for a kitchen or living room.

Install Solar Tubes

Solar tubes provide a wonderfully efficient way to let natural sunlight into the home. The method is simple: A tube on the roof brings sunlight down through the ceiling, and a diffuser disperses it throughout the room. The result is a pleasant amount of natural light illuminating the home's interior.

Conclusion: Choose the Method That's Right for Your Home

Not only is natural sunlight free to use, but it also looks much better than cheesy, artificial alternatives. Skylights, sheer curtains, and solar tubes will turn your living space from a dingy cabin into a cheery home. To make the most of what the sun has to offer, simply decide which strategy is right for you. If you really want to maximize the brightness of your rooms, you could always use all three techniques simultaneously.