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Make Your Roof More Eco-Friendly

green roofing

Did you know that the roof of your home could be increasing your carbon footprint? The carbon footprint of a person or building is a measure of how much they impact the environment. Homes and buildings that use the wrong materials might actually be contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, increased waste, and global climate change. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can make your roof more eco-friendly the next time you need a roof replacement.

Choosing Light Colors

One of the simplest things you can do to make your roof more eco-friendly is to choose a light-colored roofing material. Whites and grays are perfect because they reflect more sunlight than they absorb. This means that you will spend less money on cooling your home, and cut down on the rising temperature of densely packed neighborhoods. In many cases, metal roofing is a perfect solution because it is lightweight, requires little maintenance, and can be painted to improve reflectivity. Plus, it is more budget-friendly than other green roofing solutions in some cases.

Recycled and Renewable Roofing Materials

In addition to choosing lighter colors, you should also keep an eye out for roofing materials made from recycled and renewable products. For instance, asphalt shingles are often recycled and remanufactured for use in new roofs. While some of these materials cost more than traditional asphalt shingles, the more consumers use them, the lower the cost gets. Other commonly recycled materials include metal roofing, concrete and clay tiles, and even cedar shakes. Some companies go one step further by using tar paper and other supporting materials that are made from renewable sources as well. Committing to this practice means that you can further reduce your carbon footprint.

When its time to replace your old roof, you have a perfect opportunity to make an eco-friendly change. Call a roofing contractor like Pro Roofing, who specializes in green roofing solutions to learn more. Not only do they use many recycled products, but they also work hard to ensure that all of their business practices contribute less to waste and more to sustainability. Contact Pro Roofing today to discuss eco-friendly roofing options for your home or building.
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