Don't be Afraid of Roofing in Winter

roofing in winter

Many people believe that building or repairing a roof is a job reserved for the long days of summer. Fearing that rain and cold weather will ruin their project, homeowners are sometimes reluctant to hire a roofer in the winter. What they might not know is that the winter months of February and March are some of the best months to install a new roof!

Is it OK to Repair Your Roof in Winter?

The Pacific Northwest enjoys brisk but clear winter days. The weather may not be warm, but these clear dry days are perfect for installing or repairing a roof.

Because of concerns regarding rain and water damage, Pro Roofer contractors use a technique called “tear and seal”. Working methodically across a roof, the older layer is quickly torn away and a layer of synthetic felt is lain down on the roof’s plywood deck. This felt material makes the roof totally waterproof and survive heavy downpours for years to come. Some roofs lack this layer of plywood and so installation is required before laying the waterproof felt. This added step can extend the length of a job, making the clear, dry days of winter the perfect time to work.

A professional roofer can accurately assess the time necessary to install a new roof and can work within windows of good weather during the winter. This level of experience is part of what separates Pro Roofers from independent contractors.

Asphalt Shingle Installation

Roofs that feature composition asphalt shingles are actually ideally installed during the cool winter months. These shingles are made from a combination of asphalt and fiberglass and used to cover the waterproof felt covering. During the summer these shingles are subjected to extreme heat which can cause them to become soft. When roof workers walk on the roof, they can leave footprints, scarring the roof permanently. For this reason, roofers prefer to use the clear days of winter to install the shingles, then allow the warmer days of summer to melt the shingles into place, sealing and conforming to the roof. It is only after this takes place that a professional roofer considers a roof “done”.

A new roof can increase the value of a home, and prevent weather damage in the years to come.
Winter can be the perfect time to have a roof installed or upgraded - contact Pro Roofing to get a quote for your roof today!

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