Composition Roof Installation

Composition Roof Installation

When it comes to roofing, "We treat every roof like it's our own!” That’s the slogan for Pro Roofing NW, a Kirkland roofing company.

“Pro Roofing Northwest has every homeowner covered in every situation”, says Micah Valentine, Marketing Manager. “This was a situation where the customer needed a competitive price because of a rental situation, and we delivered.”

Pro Roofing installed an Owens Corning Duration Premium Composition (asphalt) roofing system on the Kirkland home.

“Most roofing contractors don’t have the flexibility Pro Roofing does. We can flirt with price, roofing brands or materials, etc. BUT, one thing we will never do is anything less than a perfect job. We will NEVER-EVER compromise quality or craftsmanship. Never once have we ever skimped on a material to lower a bid. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t have to get creative with payment structures, brands, types of shingles, HOA requirements, etc. In short, it’s all about the customer and us sleeping at night,” Says Micah.

When Roofing companies have this type of dedication to customer service eventually they come out ahead. Pro Roofing NW has had an increase in business each of the last 6 years. Pro Roofing NW is in the growing and building phase of their business while most roofing contractors or roofing companies are pulling back to survive. What’s the difference?

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