Bellevue's Top 7 Residential Roofing Systems

Even in a down real estate market, a house is still the single largest investment that a Bellevue person is likely to make. Protecting that investment is critical. There are a number of modern roofing systems that are safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Landmark Series Roofing System

The Landmark Series offers durable beauty at an affordable price. The sturdy construction of this classic roofing system is visible in the thickness and heft of these shingles, made from the toughest materials in the industry. The standard Landmark line has a 30-year warranty; Landmark Plus has a 40-year warranty, and Landmark Premium has a lifetime warranty.

Wood Shakes Roofing System

Wood Shakes are more complicated to install than composite shingles, but the natural variations in the color and cut of the wood ensure that every shake roof is unique. Wood shake roofing systems provide insulation for the attic while still allowing the house to "breathe," but the beauty of a shakes roof does need periodic maintenance.

Timberline 30 Roofing System

For those homeowners interested in the look of a wood shakes roof without the cost and time required for maintenance and upkeep, the Timberline 30 roofing system is a great value. It provides the characteristic shadow accents of real wood shake but requires no special maintenance.

Presidential Shake Roofing System

Presidential Shake shingles offer the rustic charm normally found only with wood shakes. These shingles provide outstanding performance and low maintenance in a beautiful and original roofing system, taking designer architectural shingles to the next level.

Presidential TL Ultimate Roofing System

The unique look of a wood shakes roof - varying depths, staggered lines, rough-cut edges - are available in a heavy duty luxury shingle. The Presidential TL Ultimate boasts triple-layer construction that gives the real wood look that homeowner's love, without the mold and decay, and at a fraction of the cost of real wood shakes.

Grand Sequoia Roofing System

For discerning homeowners who desire a dramatic look for a luxury home, the Grand Sequoia roofing system makes the perfect visual impact. Their Algae-Eater Protection means that these superior shingles are perfect for homes in areas that are prone to algae, while a heavyweight design and a UL Class A fire rating provides peace of mind.

Grand Canyon Roofing System

The Grand Canyon roofing system is perhaps the best choice for the wood shakes look without the wood shakes hassles. A casual observer takes note of their rugged depth, but even the discerning eye can mistake the rough-cut, chunky look for real wood. A Lifetime Limited Warranty makes this gorgeous roofing system a worthwhile investment for any homeowner.

Protecting the investment made in a home is one of the most important things a person can do. The citizens of Bellevue should not have to wait until the Seattle rain is dripping from their ceilings. Not when these beautiful, durable and affordable roofing systems are available from a roofing company nearby.

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