Pro Roofing NW Inc. goes further than expected to complete a Woodinville Roofing project


At Pro Roofing we always say things like, “We are a notch above on service” or “No other contractor does it like we do”.  These are not just words, we actually mean it!

Vertical siding can be one of the most difficult things to work with.  At times it can be very tough to get flashing underneath it.  Sometimes homes will experience small cracks, dings, or breaks in the siding where the new flashing has been installed.  This is quite normal for most companies.  We believe our craftsmanship is at a higher level than others and this is less obvious when we replace siding than others.

Sometimes siding damage is almost inevitable.  The question then arises, “what does Pro Roofing do when this happens?”  We make it a habit to calk all seams, cracks, dings, etc. with the highest grade materials available.  We then offer to touch-up paint the areas to restore the aesthetics of the home back to its original condition.

Here you see our foreman; Vini Olivera painting the siding after the roof was completed.  The Woodinville homeowner was very happy with the finishing touches offered by Pro Roofing.

CertainTeed Landmark TL in Woodinville

Vini touching up the paint on a Bear Creek home with a Landmark TL Roof

No other roofing company in the Washington area will consistently go to the lengths Pro Roofing of Kirkland will.  We are the best, and we will continue to provide the highest level of service to every home we touch.

When it comes to nailing down the last few details of any job, “We’ve got you covered!”