Pro Roofing offers 3 main debris inhibiting systems.  Below are the following leaf and needle protection systems for gutters.

  1. EZ Screens® - A steel powder coated and interlocking system which join together creating one continuous piece. EZ screens are specifically designed for leaves. The screen connects with the top of the gutter parallel with the ground. Small needles can enter into the gutter but are flushed out in the main gutter. EZ Screens can be seen from the ground and come in black only.

    EZ Screen Gutter Covers

    EZ Screen

  2. Micromesh® - An aluminum powder coated and interlocking system with join together creating one continuous piece. Micromesh work exceptionally well with all types of debris only allowing very fine particles (silt) into the gutter which is then easily flushed out. One convenient feature of the Micromesh is they can be still be accessed after they are installed. Micromesh only come in black. They are very attractive and can barely be seen from the ground. Micromesh will not allow needles, leaves or even roof granules from entering into the gutter system.

    MicroMesh Gutter Covers


  3. Leaf-Proof Additions® - Are an interlock system which comes in a variety of colors because of their painted finish. Leaf-Proof additions work well for leaves and needles, but must be installed in conjunction with a new roof. As most leaf and needle systems, leaf-proof gutter additions will allow small amount of debris into the gutters which will be flushed out in the first rain.

    Leaf Proof Gutters

    Leaf Proof

Leaf & Needle-Proof Gutter Systems