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Facts About Roof Leaks That Will Keep You Up at Night

puddle on a roof

That drip, drip, drip that's keeping you up all night might not be a figment of your imagination. You might actually have a roof leak that's made its way to the interior of your home. Leaks are frightening for a number of reasons, the first being the inherent damage that was caused to your roof and started the leak, second being the damage the water will do to your home and belongings. This is why it's so important to catch leaks early and put a stop to them quickly.

There are so many ways that leaks form; make sure you're prepared for all of them.

Sun Exposure Can Cause Leaks

Although your roof may be constructed to withstand the sun, it's still exposed to UV rays. UV ray exposure can age your roof's shingles. However, you can stave off sun damage with regular maintenance and care. Consult a roofing professional about coating materials to protect your roof from harmful UV rays.

No Leaks Mean No Damage

Just because you don't have any leaks coming from your roof doesn't mean that there isn't any damage present. A professional roofing contractor should inspect your roof at least once per year to ensure there is no damage. Early roof damage detection can help prevent a more massive and expensive problem later on.

Your Gutters Can Prevent Leaks

Gutters play an essential role in keeping your roof, siding, and your home's foundation safe from harm. They do this by catching and redirecting rainwater away from the roof. Without gutters, rainwater would pool on the roof, causing damage over time. Additionally, gutters help keep your home's foundation dry by draining water away from it.

Beware of Power Washing

While keeping your roof clean is an important step in the maintenance process, be careful about power washing. We do not recommend power washing at all as it's far too abrasive and can lead to premature balding of asphalt tiles and other kinds of damage on various shingle types. We offer a roof cleaning service that will ensure your roof remains clean and well maintained without subjecting it to too much force, which could lead to more issues down the road.

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