Why Check Your Gutters?


Top-Notch Gutter Installation

As the name implies, K-style gutters resemble the letter “K,” especially when seen on a side profile. These gutters curve out both on the top and bottom unlike the more traditional round or half-circle gutters. At Pro Roofing NW, our K-Style gutter systems have a more curvaceous look and they are a great choice for older Seattle-style homes or smaller roof lines. K-Style gutters offer a crown molding-type look that's perfect for outlining a new roof. They are also durable and easy to install.

If you are interested in K-style gutters, get in touch with our Seattle and King County roofers. With many years of experience, we ensure not only high-quality gutter systems but also efficient installation services.

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Rain Gutters have many benefits.

With the amount of rain the PNW it’s important to have rain gutters to protect your siding, foundation, landscaping, and roof.

  • Keep your entryway dry
  • Avoid run-off water and mud splashing on the siding
  • Protect flowers, landscaping, and walkway
  • Prevent rotting of soffit and fascia

In addition to these benefits, rain gutters do a good job in preventing standing water around your home’s foundation.

Excessive moisture can eventually penetrate basement walls and even cause your foundation to buckle. Both of these could result in costly repairs for the homeowner.

Advantages of a K-Style Gutter System

The main purpose of a gutter system is to keep rainwater away from your home. However, since it is attached in the exterior of your home, you would want your gutter system to blend right in with the whole look of your facade. This is where the K-style gutter has the full advantage. K-style gutters offer a more stylish appearance than any other types of gutter systems. It closely mimics the look of a crown molding while efficiently protection your home from water damage.

Other benefits include:

  • Hold more water than rounded style gutters
  • Less prone to leaks because of their seamless finish
  • Strong and durable

At Pro Roofing NW, our K-style gutters in Kirkland come in a variety of materials and sizes. Learn about your options today and receive a complimentary estimate. Our gutter installation comes with a written Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty, stating that we will take care of your gutter system for as long as you live in your home.

Give us a call at (425) 598-0998 or online to request a free estimate! We proudly serve all of King County.

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