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Pro Roofing NW Awarded Governor’s Award from CertainTeed

Pro Roofing NW Awarded Governor’s Award from CertainTeed

Pro Roofing NW is excited to announce we have received one of the most prestigious and esteemed honors that a roofing company can receive: we are one of just 66 companies across the entirety of North America to earn the Governor’s Award from CertainTeed! The Governor’s Award is given to only a small handful of the best roofing companies around the world, and all winners are required to meet strict criteria in order to be eligible.

  • Winners must hold a CertainTeed roofing credential for more than five years
  • Winners must be #1 in SureStart Plus jobs in their state
  • Winners must earn a Customer TrackRecord Award

What exactly does this mean? It means that not only do we have a longstanding history of excellence when it comes to the installation and service of roofs built with CertainTeed products, but we also have a considerable track record of customer satisfaction. CertainTeed provides their installers with a large number of support resources in order to help keep track of jobs and follow up with customers who have selected CertainTeed products. All winners are required to not only use these products, but to also maintain a high standard of service and reporting.

We also remain completely committed to helping our staff members become highly-trained in CertainTeed products, enabling them to perform better installations and build more reliable roofs that maximize the tremendous quality and functionality of CertainTeed materials.

In total, thousands of companies across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other countries in North America qualified for this prestigious title. However, Pro Roofing NW’s ongoing reputation for excellence and outstanding business results earned us this prestigious title that we will be proud to carry forever into the future!

What This Means to Us as a Company

As a CertainTeed roofing installer, we’re proud to not only recommend and install these products, but to support them as well. Customers who choose us to install CertainTeed roofing materials receive an extended warranty, higher-quality repairs, and a longer-lasting roof that better protects their home from the hazards that nature can throw at it. CertainTeed has long been committed to being the highest-quality roofing material manufacturer, and our team here at Pro Roofing NW is proud to emulate this in the way we do business. We offer a wide range of roofing technology, including CertainTeed’s renowned Integrity Roof System®.

If you need your roof repaired or it’s time to replace the protection over your head, reach out to the Governor’s Award winning experts at Pro Roofing NW! Dial (888) 599-8591 to schedule a consultation.