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Ventilation 101

Ventilation 101

Why is Ventilation So Important in Roofing?

Venting is the most underrated part of roofing. Without proper airflow caused by good venting attics can experience:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Rot

The best solution is to install a proper ridge vent over all ridges, and intake venting to all soffits.

What Is The Best Type of Roof Ventilation?

Pro Roofing NW prefers a baffled ridge vent such as a Single Vent 2 from Airvent. Baffled ridge vents have a lip on the outside edge. This is significant because as air blows over the vent it creates suction from below. Without a baffle on the ridge vent, the vent sometimes becomes an intake vent rather than an outtake vent. This will circumvent the entire ventilation system. It is paramount that every attic has not only the proper amount of air but the proper flow of air as well.

In the eaves of each roof or the soffits most every home has intake vents or soffit vents. These vents are often referred to as bird blocks because birds think these to be a very nice place to make a home. The intake must equal the outtake. Said another way, the amount of air entering into the soffits (or the lowest place of the attic cavity) must equal the amount of air exiting the highest place of the attic such as a ridgeline.

Hot air and moisture need to exit every attic as it rises. Proper airflow will force air up and out of an attic cavity as new cool air enters in below through the soffits.

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