Switching to a Ridge Vent System Works for North Bend Residential Wood Roof Replacements

Mother Nature is cruel. North Bend residents know that strong winds and snow can damage an old shake roof beyond simple repair. They may feel helpless after a strong winter, but rest assured there are simple low cost solutions available. At Pro Roofing, as a BBB/A+ North Bend roofing company, we specialize in new roofing solutions. We recently received a call requesting a free estimate on a roofing problem. Within minutes of this North Bend residential customer's initial consultation, our roofing contractor found a leaky roof and an inefficient roof design. He also found potential high risk for mold collecting in the attic due to the current roof build.

Our North Bend roofing contractors explained in straightforward and simple terms that the homeowner would need a new roofing system to solve the issues with the old roof, like the blow back snow problems. We recommended the client switch to a ridge vent roof system, using the popular Shingle Vent II and Landmark TL CertainTeed tiles. Our appraiser explained to the customer how installing a ridge vent system would allow continuous airflow along the entire underside of his roof deck. Thus, the constant flow of cool, dry outside air would vent his attic, which would deflect wind and weather and help protect the attic from snow infiltration and possible mold.

We offered this customer Shingle Vent II Roof Replacement Roofing tiles which have Built Green standards. This option would not only give his new roofing system exceptional advanced weather protection, but would also come with a Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer. In addition, our roofing contractor offered a Lifetime Warranty on the new roof installation, giving this potential client full labor and material warranty protection. After experiencing our roofing contractor's professional assessment, and after considering the added North Bend roofing contractor Lifetime Warranty, this client decided to accept the low cost proposal. We are proud to say that we have another satisfied roof replacement customer under our care after properly installing his roof on time.