DecoRidge (Hip & Ridge Shingle)

To increase the depth of the any shingle Pro Roofing always installs the state-or-the-art hip and ridge accessories.  Owens Corning’s top-of-the-line hip and ridge shingle is called a DecoRidge.  It’s thicker, has more depth, and a nicer appeal than traditional hip and ridge shingles.

The composition roof shingle will make more of an impact with DecoRidge hip and ridge shingles.  This way Pro Roofing can get maximum dimension and style out of a simpler shingle such as the Oakridge, and match the girth and ultimate thickness like the Woodmoor.  In addition to the look, performance, and durability DecoRidge also offers the following:

High Profile:

Multi-layered; thick bull-nosed design offers a refined look.

Durable Construction:

Heavyweight laminate construction with SBS-modified asphalt is the key part of the exposure that won’t crack (even in cold weather) offering high performance and flexibility

Pre-formed Design:

Simple installation with no need for folding or bending during application

Exceptional Performance:

110-MPH wind resistance with standard 2-nail application

Added Protection:

Carries a lifetime (50) year warranty

Matching Color Palette

Available in corresponding Owens Corning shingle colors to ensure seamless color blends and brand consistency

Deck Defense:

Operation, block water damage!  In general Synthetic felt is awesome!  Traditional felt is essentially ultra heavy paper socked in asphalt.  The main problem with traditional ASTM felt is when it gets stapled or nailed down to the deck below and the roofers walk on it.

Inevitably the tension from their walking on a steep surface stresses the felt and it will tear around every nail or staple penetration.  Leave it overnight and voila!  You’re the proud owner of a leaky roof!  It will require heavy tarps overnight; sometimes even when it doesn’t rain.  Yep, even heavy dew can create small leaks or saturate the felt which creates the second big problem with traditional felt, wrinkles!

When the felt dries it will shrink and bumps will appear.  When the composition shingle is applied over the dry-brittle felt it can potentially buckle or have lumps creating cracks, granular loss, and uneven wear.  Many roofers will cut, with a razor blade, the felt to lay it down flat, but then what’s the point of having felt?  The cut felt will provide some moisture wicking characteristics, but that is really a very small function of felt anyway.

The solution… Synthetic felt. 

Pro Roofing uses Synthetic felt on all our jobs which raised the quality immensely because when it comes to your new roof, don’t take chances.  Ask for the moisture protection that Owens Corning Deck Defense High Performance Roof Underlayment can provide.

Deck Defense underlayment’s durable synthetic construction provides an immediate line of defense-so strong it can protect your rood for up to 6 months of UV exposure!  It also acts as a secondary water-shedding barrier for your roof once shingles are installed.  In addition, unlike standard felt underlayment, it comes with a 30 year warranty.

A roof is a big investment.  That’s why it’s important to make sure it’s done right from the beginning to ensure it is protected from water damage in the attic, such as mold growth and rotting deckborads.  One of the first steps to a high-performing roof is using underlayment in conjunction with shingle to help shield your home from moisture infiltration.

Cool Roof Rating councilRepels and protects:

*Offers long-term moisture protection for your roof compared to standard felt underlayment.

*Acts as a non-absorbent, secondary water-shedding barrier.

*Reduces water intrusion when exposed, which could lead to mold and premature roof failure.

Guards and withstands:

*Shields your home from interior damage during roof installation.

*Protects the roof deck for up to 6 months of UV exposure!  That’s crazy!

*Designed to perform under extreme weather.

*30 year warranty.

Endures and performs:

*Durable synthetic construction resists tearing when walked on.

*Stays intact in high winds.

*Reduces the chance for tears that cause leaks due to unique bottom surface coating compared to felt underlayment.

Category Deck Defense Underlayment Conventional #30 Organic Felt
(Lighter) 3.1 lbs per square 20 lbs per square
(UV Exposure) Can be exposed for 6 months Needs to be covered immediately
(Weather Performance) No wrinkle or curling when wet May curl, wrinkle, crack when exposed to moisture
(Safety) Grips when wet Slick and wrinkled in wet conditions
(Nailing Patten) Nailing aids for proper application No nailing guides
(Durability) Ultra-tough, great against high winds Tears when stressed by foot traffic or winds
(Water Proof) Repels and sheds water Absorbs water and moisture
(Surface Temperature) Light color reduces temperature Black absorbs heat and increases temperature
(Walkable) Easy to walk on in all conditions (fast) Rips causing rework

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