Pro Roofing is Edmond's WA best roofing contractor and we're glad you found our website. We are the top rated roofer in Edmonds, WA and surrounding areas.

Here are just three reasons why you should choose Pro Roofing to install your new roof.

1) Highest online rated roofer.  Pro Roofing ranks among the top every year in all internet rankings.  Watch the videos below to see what a couple of your neighbors are saying.  People rave about Pro Roofing.  Virtually every job we install is perfect.  That's our goal and that should be your expectation.  People love us because we do a great job.  We make them happy.  We care deeply about what you think about us and say about us.  It's in our best interest to do a first class job for you.

2) Best quality workmanship in Edmonds.  We use the best roofing materials 100% of the time.  We never skimp on anything.  We are virtually the only company who does this.  We also spend tremendous amounts of time and efforts training our workers.  We send them to classes and our foreman hold major certifications in CertainTeed and Owens Corning Roofing.

3) Great price.  We are not the cheapest roofer nor are we the most expensive (although we should be!)  Our price is in the upper middle.  You can get 100 estimates and you'll see that Pro Roofing is right on the upper middle side of pricing for Edmonds Roofing Contractors.  We try very hard to be ultra price competitive, but when we're putting first-rate materials and training into everything we do it simply costs more.  How do we do it?  Simple, we take smaller margins.

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Pro Roofing put a new roof on a house that we purchased that was a foreclosure. They gave us peace of mind at a time when we knew that the existing roof was in bad shape. The roof looks beautiful! The value turned out to be exceptional. When we first got the estimate we forward it to our home inspector, someone we really trust, and he commented on it being a great estimate. I'm just really impressed with everything they did.

Guttula A, Edmonds, WA

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