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Roof Replacement in Mill Creek

Roof Replacement in Mill Creek

This family cared about their home and placed a high value on its appearance so they needed a Mill Creek Roofing Contractor. The father made custom decorations and turned their yard into an elegant oasis. Everything they did was done to the same standards, with their cars gleaming and their fence always neat and tidy. Needless to say, when they needed a roofing contractor, they applied their high standards to the search.

After many hours of research and checking references with the BBB, L&I and CertainTeed, they narrowed their shortlist down to two. Of the two, they decided that we at Pro Roofing struck them as the most stable and consistent contractor. They were also attracted by our status as CertainTeed Select Shingle Masters and selected us despite the fact that we were the more expensive of the two, feeling that our warranties and reputation made us the better value.

We sent a Mill Creek roofing contractor out and discussed their roofing needs with them. Our lifetime warranty was another point in our favor, as was our willingness to go the extra mile to make sure our customers got the best roof. While explaining their unique situation in detail, the customer mentioned a venting problem that was challenging to solve. By adding a hip vent, we knew we could deal with this specific issue.

The new roof was installed and it looked fantastic. Once it was done, we talked to the family again. The wife insisted on going onto the roof with our contractor and inspecting every detail. She had clearly done her research and was holding us to her standards. Despite that, we were able to fully satisfy her. In fact, she was impressed with the end product, especially the venting. She felt we well deserved our CertainTeed Select Shingle Master status.

For residential roof replacement from a Mill Creek roofing company with a great reputation, call us at (425) 598-0998. We offer a lifetime guarantee and a stable and consistent service.