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New Castle Roofing Company Makes Quality a Family Affair

New Castle Roofing Company Makes Quality a Family Affair

The Poole family house near the China Creek golf course, in a New Castle Residential neighborhood, was a home without a roof. Thanks to Pro Roofing, a New Castle Roofing Contractor, they are now covered by a roof with Presidential TL Ultimate shingles.

The old roof was pretty bad when we started. The old cedar shakes roof made the house look older than it is. Now they both look like new, and the Poole family is ecstatic.

Roof Replacement is more complicated than new construction, which Pro Roofing also does. Roof Replacement can sometimes require the entire roof to be replaced, depending on the extent of damage. But we inspected the job first and knew what to expect. There were no surprises for us or the customer.

The replacement took only two days to go from the old cedar shakes roofing to new Presidential TL Ultimate roofing with 45 squares. It has great color and goes really well with the house. As a New Castle Roofing Contractor, we are very proud of the work. The new roof looks great.

When we finished the job, the family was really pleased with our work, and we know we do a great job for all our customers. Mrs. Poole is a friendly lady, and she was glad to have a new roof that looked good and made the whole neighborhood look good. When we finished, the roof attracted a gathering of her neighbors in her front yard to admire the new roof.

Lots of neighborhood kids were gathered there also. The Poole’s son Redman seemed very happy. He said that he no longer hears the old roof at night, making noise in the wind. Maybe he thought he’d blow away.

However, the final word came from Mr. Poole. We at New Castle Roofing were very proud when he smiled and complimented us on this job. He really likes the warranty, and said it is as sturdy as his new roof, and gives him a lot of confidence in our work.