Ever wonder who is coming to you home?  Choosing your roofing company is more than the representative who shows up at your door.  Chances are he isn’t doing the work.  So who is?  Who is going to be the person or people at you home for a few days tearing off your roof exposing you to the elements?  Are all roofers equal?  Do they all have the same attention to detail, training, or expertise?  Not even close.  At Pro Roofing NW we believe we have the finest team of roofers in the Northwest. 
Let’s meet our roofers!

Foreman: Francisco Palma

Fransisco Palma, Pro Roofing

Fransisco Palma, Pro Roofing

Francisco was born in Oaxaca Mexico, but now lives in Seattle on Beacon Hill.  He’s married with 3 children; 2 girls and one boy.  He enjoys being with his family more than anything.  When he has free moments he likes to take his family out to parks, water ways, fairs, and view areas of the city.  He’s also been known to fish with Ronivan on occasion.  In addition, loves to watch soccer with his kids.

When asked about roofing he will talk about satisfying the clients, and making sure they think their new roof looks great, and assuring people are happy.  He deeply desires happiness from each person’s home he works on.  He loves working at Pro because he says the communication is great among the office, foreman, sales and crews.

Our Perspective:

Francisco worked on Ronivan’s crew for a long time.  He was trained by the best the Seattle Roofing scene has to offer.  It is very hard to find anyone as nice, humble, and sincere as Francisco.  He cares so much about what people think about his work.  He has an earnest desire to make each homeowner happy with their new roof he has just installed.  If things aren’t just right, you can count on him to make them right.  He has been known to spend hours of his own time doing little-extra things customers typically wouldn’t expect from a roofer.  He is truly special and one of a kind.

What they’re saying about Francisco:

** I don’t see how it could have gone any better!  Looks great!  Thanks for cleaning up so well. 

~Greg Bernoski, Bellevue

** We are very happy with our new roof.  The crew did a beautiful job

~Bob and Cheryl Clarke, Snoqualmie

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What they’re saying about Our Installers

I’ve never see a construction crew work as hard and without a break, yet maintain such a positive and friendly demeanor.  Excellent job!

~Gary and Carol Beyer, Woodinville

The workers were on time, courteous, and did a great job cleaning up each day.  The project went quickly and the results are fabulous!  We have already recommended Pro Roofing to our daughter.

~Lee and Marcy Leskela, Everett

Vini and his crew were outstanding, hard working, and friendly.  Everyone knew what to do and how to do it well.

~ Bryan Scott, Seattle


To Pro Roofing NW a roof is like a canvas and our roofers are the artists.  There are no better artists in all of Washington than our roofers!  We truly believe that, and you will to once you see one of our homes.  We take tremendous pride in what we do.  There is no company who invests in our crews like we do.  We try to impress a feeling of craftsmanship in all of our guys.  We believe we are literally adding our signature to every home we work on.  We are proud to have you meet our guys.

Foreman: Ronivan

Ronivan Pro Roofing Foreman

Ronivan Pro Roofing Foreman

Hi, I’m Rovivan.  I’m writing this to tell you a little about myself and what I like to do.  Thanks to God, I’m happily married and live with my wife and family.  I’m from Brazil.  It may sound hard to believe, but my favorite thing to do is NOT soccer!  My favorite thing to do is definitely fish.  I love to fish and I would to it all day if I could. I really do love it!

I also love to run my crews.  I love to see a roof progress through the beginning-old phase to the completed project.  When I’m working I feel happy because I like to stay busy.

I also like to enjoy my family on the weekends.  You’ll often find us in the park as a family, or of course on one of the many local rivers.  It’s a lot of fun to spend time with my family.  I also enjoy camping when I have longer weekends.  That’s just a little of my life.

Pro Roofing treats my very well.  I’ve been roofing for a very long time and I’m treated like I’ve never been treated before.  It’s my great pleasure to work with true professionals.  I hope I’m here forever.

Our Perspective

Wow, are we glad to have Ronivan.  He has brought a ton of small techniques to us which has improved our overall quality of workmanship.  His finish work is beautiful!  Every piece of flashing is cut exactly the same way and he is impeccably clean.  Nearly every customer raves about how tidy his job sites are.  There is no roofer in this area who works as meticulous as this guy.  You’d be lucky to have him install your roof.  He has all the major certifications such as Owens Corning Preferred Contractor and CertainTeed Select Shingle Master, and several others.  You can expect your home to look very tight and clean.  Every line will be perfect and flawless.

What they’re saying about Ronivan

I really appreciated the cleanliness of your crew.  I wouldn’t have known they had been here if not for the wonderful new roof.  Thank You!

~Amy Swenson, Granite Falls

Great job! Very hard workers who were always on time and rarely stopped working once they started.  They had great attention to detail.  Nice cleanup following the job.  The neighbors were even impressed!!

~George and Terese Lancaster, Redmond


Roofing is tricky.  There are lots of things that can go wrong.  It can be difficult to find a good roofing company because it’s hard to find someone who cares about their reputation as much as you care about your home.  That care doesn’t just have to come from the roofing company, but from the roofer actually doing the work.

Foreman: Andre Lapinski

Metal roof done by Andre from Pro Roofing in Lynnwood. Standing Seam Metal, Series 2000 from Nu-Ray.

Metal roof done by Andre from Pro Roofing in Lynnwood. Standing Seam Metal, Series 2000 from Nu-Ray.

Andre was born in North Poland in a city called Gdansk where he attended University.  He designed and constructed bridges in Poland for years before moving to Bothell where he lives with his wife and kids.  His hobbies are sports and the stock market.  In fact, he collects autographs and has some to be proud of including: Michael Jordan, Ichiro, Lebron James, Ken Griffey Jr. and Ted Williams.  He also coached his son’s basketball team for 9 years.   Andre is incredibly intelligent and is very well known as the premier roofer in Seattle for materials such as; metal, slate, and PVC.  We are thankful he has agreed to become part of our team.

Our Perspective

Andre is extremely skilled and we are lucky to have him on our team.  He is our “go to guy” in specialty situations.  He works on the most complicated rooflines especially if it’s metal, plastic, rubber, or flat roofing such as PVC and TPO.  In fact he is one of the top PVC installers in the nation.  Andre can literally do it all.  You can expect good communication and an efficient job site.  Andre is an excellent foreman who always leaves the site manicured and the customer raving. His reputation in the industry is very strong and positive.  It’s rare to find a situation he can’t handle.

What they’re saying about Andre

Andre was very cooperative.  He came back later in the day after I had dried out the areas to be drilled out.  He went above and beyond!

~Joyce Funk, Duval

Andre was excellent to work with.

~Nir Barnea, Seattle


At Pro Roofing we do more than simply Roof.  We do lots of carpentry projects such as skylights, gutter conversions, gutters, widows, siding, soffit work, dormers, fences, etc.  Since we do so many things we need people who can do those things.  We’ve established relationships with the finest carpenters, drywall experts, and gutter installers to round out our team.  With our full complement of specialist we can handle any job large or small, tricky or straight forward.  We can do it all!

Carpentry and Gutters: Derrin Watson:

Carpentry, Rebuild T&G Soffits in Seattle done by Derrin of Pro Roofing

Carpentry, Rebuild T&G Soffits in Seattle done by Derrin of Pro Roofing

My name is Derrin.  I’ve been a part of the Pro team for years now and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s a fun company to work with because of all the different types of roof, gutter, and especially carpentry situations that come up.  I love to solve the puzzle of diagnosing what is wrong and how to fix it.

I’m happily married to my wife of several years.  We live in our Bellevue home which I always seem to be working.  One of my favorite things to do is go to our family property out of town and ride snowmobiles, fish, and hang out with family and friends.

Our Perspective:

Derrin is an integral addition to our Pro Roofing NW team.  Derrin takes care of our carpentry and gutters.  We do hundreds of gutter and carpentry projects each year and Derrin always comes through.  He is very skilled and always seems to go beyond what is asked.  Those combined qualities make happy customers.  There is little he can’t do which is why we are thrilled he works with Pro Roofing NW, and you will be too once you see his finished work.

What they’re saying about Derrin

I was so glad to see my new fence matched the existing so well.  Our gutters also look terrific thanks to Derrin and his crew!~Tiana Cicero, Woodinville

** Our new gutters work great!  I’ve never HEARD my gutters work before now.  That sound puts me at ease because I know they are finally working. ~ Jason Reid, Bellevue

At Pro Roofing we understand that nobody cares for your home as much as you do.  Well, except us!  We have a lot riding on your roof installation.  We understand everyone will be watching us at your home.  That’s why we go overboard to make sure your roof install looks like our best job yet!  We spend countless hours thinking, meeting, testing, and training so we can steadily improve our jobs and productivity.  We hope you notice our dedication to perfection as well as your neighbors!

Foreman: Marlon Castellanos:

Marlon Castellanos is a Pro Roofing foreman

Marlon Castellanos is a Pro Roofing foreman

Marlon was born in 1986 in Mexico.  He now lives in Everett, and has for several years, and has been working in the roofing industry since 2002.  He studies English at Bellevue Community College by night.  Even with a full time job, and school at night Marlon manages to dedicate lots of time to his family.  Marlon loves soccer and helping friends.  He has aspirations of becoming a sales manager at Pro Roofing.  He is a quick learner, and is always up to every challenge thrown his way.  We love Marlon’s can-do attitude, and we see him as a rising superstar in the industry.  Marlon understands the need to navigate through the English language, and he works tirelessly at perfecting his ability to speak, read, and write.

Our Perspective:

Marlon worked on Vini’s crew for several years.  He went through all the proper training and learned our in-house system until he was ready to run his own crew.  He is such a fast learner and we’re happy to have him.  The thing we admire most about Marlon is his desire to please.  He out works almost every roofer in the state and he is eager to leave the job perfect in order to get a high quality rating.  He studies tirelessly in order to improve his craft. We feel comfortable with him on every job because we know he will leave the homeowner happy and his smile in infectious!

What they’re saying about Marlon

** Dang good crew!  Very impressive!

~Jill Friedman, Bellevue

** Marlon’s work ethic is second to none.  He moves around the roof like he was made to do this.  He is tremendously skilled too because the roof looks great. 

 ~Tom Engle, Sammamish

There are lots of roofing foreman in the Seattle area, but there are not a lot of roofing foreman who sincerely care about your home like you do.  At Pro Roofing we look high and low to find roofers who break the mold of “ordinary”.  We are always looking for guys how eat, sleep, and dream about roofing and roofing well!  We want perfection and that’s tough to find with run-of-the-mill workers.  That’s why we make sure our crews have all the training necessary to be as close to perfect as possible.  We do written/book training, classes, and crew swaps.  That’s why Pro Roofing is no ordinary roofing company.