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Yarrow Point Roofing Company Gives New Life to Older Residential Home with Asphalt Roof Replacement

Posted on 08/03/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

Though our customer’s home wasn’t new construction, it was in very good shape and had a great view of the water. When he came to us, keeping the water out and away from his home was his top priority. In order to do that, he needed a new roof with new fascia, rafters, gutters and [...]

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Local Family Owned Company Completes Yarrow Point Residential Asphalt Roof Replacement Job

Posted on 07/26/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

The Yarrow Point residential property owner had a beautiful older home with a water view that was in need of repair. Overall the house was in good condition, but sections of the roof were sagging and the fascia and barge rafters needed replacing. The homeowner, a successful local business person, wanted to replace the existing asphalt roof [...]

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Pro Roofing Restores Aging Yarrow Point Home to Glory with Residential Roof Replacement of Asphalt Roof

Posted on 07/09/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

This Yarrow Point residential customer’s home overlooked the water and was in nice condition except for a couple of things. The primary one was the asphalt roof. With the fascia and barge rafters also in bad condition, the roof was beginning to sag in places. A lot of decking replacement was also needed. The roof was not [...]

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