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Roofing in Seattle with Synthetic Underlayment

Posted on 01/09/13 by Pro Roofing 1 Comment

 Why Roofing in Seattle requires Synthetic Underlayment   Seattle roofing can get crazy wet!  That’s because it rains in this place and sometime not just a little!  Every winter we deal with rain while roofing and it can be a real hassle! When the roof finally gets installed it should protect you, but what type [...]

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Pro Roofing of Seattle installs composition roof and PVC gutters with downspouts!

Posted on 05/27/12 by Pro Roofing No Comments
Landmark Premium with Plumbing Vent by Pro Roofing in Seattle

This Seattle job has CertainTeed Landmark Premium in Heather Blend.  The Landmark Premium will soon be going away.  The Landmark Series will then have the following: Landmark, Landmark Pro, [(Landmark Premium) to be gone soon], and Landmark TL This home does not have typical gutters.  It has interior gutters.  There are several names for interior [...]

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Seattle Roofing Company does more than roofing by installing new gutters and insulation as well!

Posted on 11/15/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

A Seattle homeowner had lots going on with his residential home.  The first thing was that it was getting really cold in the winter and extremely hot in the summer.  Along with the inability to retain a consistent and comfortable temperature his roof was really hammered!  The 3 layer roof was crispy from years of [...]

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Seattle Roof Replacement Upgrades to Duration Premium Shingles by Owens Corning

Posted on 08/15/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

Sometimes what matters most to a customer is finding a Seattle Roofing company that they feel comfortable with. Recently, a couple contacted us at Pro Roofing for a free estimate to replace the composition roof on their home. They’d already received estimates from several Seattle Roofing contractor competitors, and the total cost in our quote [...]

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Seattle Roofing Contractor Uses PVC Roof in Residential Roof Replacement

Posted on 08/01/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

We at Pro Roofing, a Seattle Roofing Company, were contacted by a resident about their newly remodeled Leschi facing home. The problem was their totally flat torchdown roof had multiple leaks. They were concerned because of all the hard work and money they put into the new interior, and now were finding out that it was [...]

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Another Seattle Residential PVC Roof Replacement by Pro Roofing

Posted on 07/25/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

While remodeling the interior of her Seattle residential property, this homeowner discovered a number of small leaks around her ten skylights. The existing flat torch-down roof had pulled away from the aging skylights, and this homeowner was worried that the leaks would damage her new hardwood floors and kitchen cabinets. Her plumber recommended she contact Pro Roofing [...]

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Pro Roofing of Seattle delivers on Angie’s List promise of Super Service!

Posted on 07/22/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

One would surmise that when Angie’s List is subscribed to the contractors on that site are all good.  Not always the case, however.  BUT, in Jill’s case the company she hired was all she expected and more! As one drives west towards Seattle over interstate 90 his/her car will pass Jill’s home near Rainier Avenue [...]

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Seattle resident has Pro Roofing NW install a new K-Style gutter system

Posted on 07/21/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

Moving to Minneapolis from Seattle can provide challenges.  In Ann Davis’ case it was a matter of getting her house ready to sell. Ann had the old plastic gutters with seams every couple feet.  As people stopped by her Greenwood-based home in Seattle the first item of contention was her leaking gutters.  She turned to [...]

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Small world as Italy meets Pro Roofing in Seattle Washington

Posted on 07/20/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

Anita Grossvogel was born and raised in Italy.  She came across the Atlantic to Seattle to teach at some of the finest Universities our country has to offer.  Eventually retiring in Seattle after becoming Professor Emerita and retiring from Cornell University, and after 45 years of teaching at some of the best universities in the [...]

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Seattle resident takes advantage of yearly inspection done by Pro Roofing

Posted on 07/19/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

Dianne Butler was purchasing a home in Seattle.  This home had multiple layers of roofing including the original cedar shingles, composition, and an experimental roof called Woodruff.  The Woodruff failed and she needed a roof before she was comfortable purchasing the home.   Aaron Janus, her Real Estate agent, had full confidence in Pro Roofing [...]

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