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Redmond Roofing Company – Pro Roofing NW

Posted on 12/17/13 by Pro Roofing No Comments
Front of 2-story house 3 car garage

Redmond Roofing Company Redmond offers you a wide variety of choices when it comes to Roofing. It also gives you the best Redmond Roofing Company that covers it all for you. They are dedicated to serve you each and every time with top quality service crew and friendly sales team. You can never go wrong [...]

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Redmond Roofing Contractor Installs Owen Corning Roof

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Garage doors new roof on top red bricks

Redmond Roofing Contractor Redmond is a city of different titles. It is home to our favorite software company and also known as “Bicycle Capital of the Northwest”. It is abundant to both fish and forest industries that provide more opportunities for merchants and workers. Redmond Roofing Contractor provides top quality service and never compromises craftsmanship [...]

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Redmond Roofing Company Completes Residential Roof Replacement of Cedar Shakes Roof

Posted on 12/31/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

In this rare instance, our customer was actually two different parties with different interests. The roof that needed to be replaced covered a home that was being sold, and both seller and buyer (and their realtors) had strong feelings about what should be prioritized in this residential roof replacement. With the seller wanting the cheapest [...]

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Redmond Roofing Company Replaces Cedar Shakes Residential Roof With Composition

Posted on 10/07/11 by Pro Roofing 4 Comments

Homeowners in need of a new roof contacted us at Pro Roofing for a bid on a residential roof replacement. They wanted to have their cedar shakes roof replaced with a composition roof and wanted Pro Roofing to complete the project. We had recently completed two other roofing projects in their neighborhood and they were [...]

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Redmond Women Chooses Quality Residential Replacement Roofing Company To Install Her New Asphalt Roof

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A Redmond woman was in need of having a roof replacement on her home. She wanted to replace her current shakes roof with a new composite (or asphalt) roof. She was very concerned about being able to fit this major project into her budget. To find the cheapest rates, she shopped around and received bids [...]

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Redmond Man Raves About His Cedar Shakes Residential Roof Replacement On Angie’s List

Posted on 09/04/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

Winters in Redmond aren’t exactly friendly, and Roger Omholt was facing a tough one with an older cedar shakes roof. The weather had already turned to heavy rains, and Roger had a very large, steep roof. It was looking to be a tough job. Redmond residential roof replacement is a serious business, because only high-quality [...]

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Neighbors Call Pro Roofing for Redmond Residential Roof Replacement

Posted on 08/09/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

Word had spread in the Marrymoor Hill neighborhood of Redmond that the Redmond roofing company of choice was Pro Roofing. After hearing the testimonies of several other homeowners in the area, a pair of neighbors decided to call Pro Roofing and use our recommended Redmond roofing contractor for two complete roof replacements. For coming in together, both customers received [...]

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Redmond Roofing company Pro Roofing NW Installs Owens Corning Woodmoor roof and Gutters

Posted on 06/20/11 by Pro Roofing 2 Comments

Robert and Allyson Laws of Redmond needed a new roof and new gutters.  They called several roofing companies and chose Pro Roofing NW, out of Redmond, because they liked the integrity of the company.  Pro Roofing was also very competitive on price.  For the Laws the price was secondary, however.  They didn’t just want a [...]

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