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New Castle Roofing Company Replaces Cedar Shakes Roof for Local Family

Posted on 07/23/11 by proroof No Comments

After several years of wear and tear on the roof of a family located near the China Creek golf course, one of the contractors from Pro Roofing recently assessed a gorgeous home with a badly deteriorated roof. The family took advantage of our free estimates and requested that a New Castle roofing contractor determine the best [...]

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New Castle Roofing Company Makes Quality a Family Affair

Posted on 07/09/11 by proroof No Comments

The Poole family house near the China Creek golf course, in a New Castle Residential neighborhood, was a home without a roof. Thanks to Pro Roofing, a New Castle Roofing Contractor, they are now covered by a roof with Presidential TL Ultimate shingles. The old roof was pretty bad when we started. The old cedar shakes roof made the [...]

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New Castle Roofing Company Helps Family With Residential Roof Replacement of Dilapidated Cedar Shakes Roof

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This New Castle family had a very nice house near the China Creek golf course, except for the roof. An aged cedar shakes roof, it was in terrible condition, leaking and threatening to collapse. They needed a New Castle roofing contractor who could replace it quickly, before anything went wrong. With two relatively young children, they [...]

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