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Issaquah Resident Has Her Residential Cedar Shakes Roof Replaced With Composition Using The Microsoft Discount

Posted on 10/19/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

Master Butler, Inc. [] was completing routine home maintenance on the exterior of a home, including cleaning the gutters and pressure washing. While completing the job, they discovered that the homeowner’s roof and gutters were in desperate need of repair. They let the resident know about the condition of the roof and recommended that she [...]

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Pro Roofing, an Issaquah Roofing Company’s Residential Roof Replacement Project Replaces a Wood Roof for Customer on a Budget

Posted on 07/31/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

As homes age, new problems can arise without warning. It can range from mild electrical issues, to more drastic roofing complications. The bigger the problem, the more of a strain it is on the family finances. This was a problem one of our customers was facing, a roof in bad condition while on a tight [...]

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Pro Roofing Completes Elegant Cedar Shake Residential Replacement Roof Project in Issaquah

Posted on 07/30/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

A customer in an attractive residential neighborhood in the Issaquah area needed to replace the cedar shakes roofing on a large home. He was looking for an Issaquah roofing contractor to do the job and we were happy to offer a free estimate on roof replacement. An exacting client, the customer chose us as their Issaquah roofing contractor based on [...]

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Issaquah Roofing Contractor Fixes Leaky Cedar Shakes With New Roof Replacement

Posted on 07/28/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

The Issaquah residential customer contacted Pro Roofing following an environmental assessment on his home which revealed dangerous mold growth. The homeowner had a young son with asthma, and a pediatrician advised it was important to make sure his home was free from allergens like mold which aggravated breathing problems. Upon close inspection, the residential customer found that [...]

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Issaquah Roofing Contractor Replaces Residential Wood Roof for Senior on a Budget

Posted on 07/27/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

The Issaquah residential customer needed extensive repairs to her old cedar shake roof, but she was apprehensive about dealing with contractors. Her husband of 53 years normally handled all the home repairs, but he had suffered a serious stroke a few years ago, and since then their home had fallen into a state of disrepair. At the [...]

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Pro Roofing Completes Residential Roof Replacement from Cedar Shakes to CertainTeed

Posted on 07/04/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

This Issaquah residential customer needed to replace their aging roof, which was starting to leak, especially around the skylights. However, they had some concerns. The home was a larger building in a very nice, older neighborhood. Any roofing contractors would have to be careful not to damage the established landscaping and trees. Furthermore, the job had to [...]

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Issaquah Roofing Contractor Replaces Cedar Wood Roof on Issaquah Residential Family Home

Posted on 07/02/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

As always at Pro Roofing, we strive to be the premier Issaquah roofing contractor. Here is a recent example of one of our quality roof replacement roofing projects. An Issaquah residential family required roof replacement roofing for their aging cedar shake roof. They were on a tight budget and worried about the costs associated with a certified Issaquah roofing company that would provide [...]

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Issaquah Roofing Company Replaces Cedar Shakes Roof For Issaquah Residential Home Seller

Posted on 06/30/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

While preparing to sell her house, an Issaquah homeowner discovered that her roof needed replacement. Her real estate agent advised the homeowner that failing to replace the roof before selling would seriously diminish the selling price of her home. This real estate agent referred his client to Pro Roofing, as he had good experiences with [...]

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Issaquah Roofing Company, Pro Roofing, Remakes Cedar Shakes Roof Into Composition Roof

Posted on 05/27/11 by Pro Roofing No Comments

Committed to Serving You – A building’s roof is the first line of defense against the elements. It takes a beating from the rain, sun and wind daily. Eventually, the shingles wear out and need to be replaced. We at Pro Roofing know that you want your home’s roof repair to be professional and efficient. [...]

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Issaquah Residential Roofing Company Provides Expert Cedar Shake Replacement Prior to Home Sale

Posted on 05/27/11 by Pro Roofing 1 Comment

Putting your home on the market involves making certain that everything is in tip-top condition. One Issaquah homeowner recently contacted our Pro Roofing office to request a free estimate to replace the cedar shake roof on his soon-to-be-on-the-market home. As an expert Issaquah roofing contractor, at Pro Roofing we’ve developed a reputation for outstanding shake [...]

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