Let’s face it, sales is the fuel that runs the company’s engine.  It’s a tricky one, however.  The sales representative coming to your door must convey the right feeling onto you, the customer.  The perfect sales consultant must have a friendly approach, a humble attitude, a happy demeanor, and a presence about him that makes you want to work him.  He also needs to really be educated.  He needs to know about shingle technology, installation techniques, product warranties etc.  He needs to inspire trust and confidence.  He needs to make you want to use the company he represents, right?  Perfect!  We’ve got just the man.

Sales Consultant: Ryan Wahlbrink

Hello, my name is Ryan Wahlbrink.  My position is a consultant for Pro Roofing.  I have worked in the re-roof Industry for several years and believe it or not I really love it.  I enjoy coming to work every day, and I really love where I’m at, but before I get into all that let me back up.

My wife Katrina and I have lived on the Eastside of Lake Washington for basically all our lives.  We live with our daughter Shae and son Trenton.  We love it here and we plan to stay here for a long time.

One of my passions is playing golf on any of the amazing local courses and the challenging back tees.  Regardless of the time of year the Wahlbrink family is either in a RV touring the state, or taking day hikes on various local trails.  We also love letting the dogs swim in Lake Washington, and enjoying a good BBQ when we are done.  Because of our active lifestyles we are always looking to have fun, and we seem to find it around every corner.  This is a beautiful state we live in and we couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Our Perspective

When putting our sales team together we wanted the very best.  We have been in this for a while and we knew exactly who we wanted.  Thankfully we got him!  If a company can’t sell it can’t survive.  If people feel too much pressure one can develop a bad reputation.  Ryan is that balance.  His low pressure method is very refreshing.  He approaches each appointment as an education opportunity.  Our thought is that if we educate on the proper system and what it entails we have done our job.  At that point it’s up to you, the homeowner to take the step which is right for you.  He is also very smart and driven.  He has extremely high standards for himself and everything he is involved with.  He pushes us to improve our operations, elevate our techniques and think in different terms.  Because of his background and training he can sell the ultimate roofing system and count on us to install what is expected.  He is extremely valuable to Pro Roofing and thought of in very high regard.

What they’re saying

Ryan was a great help and critical to my decision to go with Pro Roofing.

~Richard Brening, Bellevue

Ryan and your crew were excellent on all counts, Great Job!

~Giles and Rita Nelson, Maple Valley

I was very happy with your sales rep Ryan.  His is very professional and does a great job for you.  I would recommend your company to others.

~ Ron & Joyce Norwood, Kent



Sales and job management is an important part of a successful roofing company.  John Borbridge is proud member of the Pro Roofing sales force and he knows roofing!  John has been in the supply side of the roofing industry for years and now he brings his intimate knowledge to the Pro Roofing team.  John could have chosen any roofing company to work for but he chose Pro Roofing because he used to deliver roofing materials to jobsites for other contractors.  He said Pro’s always stood out as the top in the industry.  John also says Pro jobs have the best and most complete specifications.  Pro only orders the top of the line roofing accessories and he would know because he filled orders for the others!

John Borbridge, Pro Roofing N

John Borbridge, Pro Roofing N

Hello, my name is John, I’ll be your consultant for your home project.  I have worked in the roofing industry since 2000; mostly in the distribution of products.  I’ve loaded thousands of roofs for virtually every roofer in the Seattle area and have expert knowledge in proper roofing practices, installation, and the companies doing the installs!

My wife Melissa and I have lived on the Eastside since 1999; everywhere from Kirkland to North Bend.  We have 2 kids, our daughter Audrey and son Thomas.  We love it here and plan to stay here for a long time.  My passion is anything related to the outdoors and spending time with my family on the weekends.  We home school our kids and find a lot of joy in watching them grow.

I love the idea of service both for my family and for the many customers I’ve served over the last many years.

I’m thrilled to be here at Pro Roofing because they work hard at finding the ideal balance between price and quality.  98% of our customers say we are a perfect value.  Hopefully we can be an idyllic fit for you as well.

What they’re saying about John:

Fantastic presenting the information to us!

~Jerry from Everett

John worked really hard on the job.  He was on our side the entire way

~Mark Hegeburg from Mill Creek

Exellent to work with

~Bill Madison from Everett

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