Sometimes it’s nice to put a face to a name.  When you choose Pro Roofing NW you’ll be speaking with our office manager a bunch!  Having a professional crew doing the work, and a knowledgeable representative at your home is a must, but it takes more than that to make the job go off smooth as you’re probably hoping for.

Here’s where we really distance ourselves from the 500 or so other roofing company in the Greater Seattle area. We’ll be in constant contact with you after the job is sold and scheduled and Leslie is our secret!  She’s here to assist you, calm you, be a sounding board, give assurance, and of course let you know when we will be arriving at your door ready to begin the project. She’s available 24/7 and lives just around the corner from our office. She’s here to help you feel good about everything during the project and your feelings are what you’ll remember most about your experience with Pro Roofing NW!

Office Manager: Leslie Phan

Hi, I’m Leslie Phan.  It seems like this is my destiny because ever since I was a little girl I’ve been involved, in some manner, to the construction industry.  I was born in Seattle and I remember moving around Washington from Vashon Island to Tri-Cities with my father.  He owned a construction company and we followed the jobs.  We did finally establish our home in Kirkland where I’ve been for the last 28 years.

After graduating from BCC I married Zoon, my husband.  Now we’ve been married over 25 years.  Currently I have 3 girls who are busy establishing independence.  We have two in college and one finishing at Juanita High School.  We also have two Pomeranians.  I previously worked for a travel agency which was lots of fun for the obvious reasons, traveling.  I love to visit new places around the world and enjoy the new things each culture has to offer.  Although I’ve been all over I still think it’s hard to beat a sunny Seattle day where I can be found walking the waterfront of Lake Washington.  Good thing I love to read because sunny days around here are few and far between during the winter months.

Our Perspective

Leslie is as sweet as they come.  Because she understands all the sacrifices that go into building a company she is as good as gold!  She literally takes the office home with her every day and is available at all hours.  Her close proximity to the office gives us flexibility to adapt as certain situations can arise.  You’ll notice her happy demeanor and friendly tone in every phone conversation.  She is a dedicated-hard worker and extremely dependable.  Leslie also has endless information at her fingertips and is always ready to find and send information as needed.  She is the liaison between you and the project and the glue that keeps communication going throughout the company.  We are thrilled to have her on our team.


What they’re saying

Thank you for the excellent work… Leslie was great to work with.

~Camille Schaefer, Renton

It seems that after every job I hear customers tell me how much of a pleasure it was to work with Leslie.  I’ve been asked to pass praise onto her more than anyone else.

~Micah Valentine, Pro Roofing Sales Manager



Ever wonder who is behind the curtain?  Who is the one running the company you choose to tear the top of your home off?  This is a really big decision and knowing the one who owns the roofing company you choose can tell you a lot about the company.  How do they react to adversity?  Or even more importantly, how organized they are to avoid that adversity in the first place?  The head controls the body, and the personality of the company is determined by which aspects of life are emphasized on a daily basis.  What would it say if the owner was involved in day to day operations? Naturally, that depends on who that owner is.

Owner: Alex Silva

My name is Alex Silva and I’m Brazilian born and raised.   I currently live with my wonderful wife Melissa and two kids on the eastside in Issaquah. When I have free time I am either with my family or working with my soccer club SeaWolves FC.  Soccer is truly my first love and I’ve always been involved in some way with it.  I coached a High School team to the State Championships here in Washington and now I have a semi-pro (PDL) team in the Snohomish-Everett area.

I started Pro Roofing NW in the early 2000’s after being a roofer myself for several years.  I would constantly contemplate on how I could do things better, faster, and so forth and eventually decided to give it a go for myself.  We have been on the fast track ever since.  We have grown from literally nothing to the major player on the Eastside which is where we expect to be for many years to come.  I am now living my dream and I plan to be doing this for as long as I can right here in Kirkland.  I have a passion for the roofing business.  I find it fun and challenging.  I still find myself trying to find better ways to install roof systems for a fair cost.  I try to put the customer first in every instance because I feel the key to success is having a happy customer.

Our Perspective

Alex is a special type of owner.  It’s rare to find someone who deeply cares about his employees more than himself.  He truly wants to have a healthy and happy working environment and he works tirelessly to do so.  He has a very long term perspective on all that he does because he is living his dream of running a successful roofing company in the United States.  Alex is doing what he set out to do.  He is the type of person who asks how the family is and then recalls what was said several months later.  He always seems to remember birthdays or special events and then somehow finds a way to get something special for that person.  He is more than an owner of a roofing company.  He is a husband, family man, friend, and Alex is trusted in many circles of influential people around the area.  In other words, he is a special type of owner.

What they’re saying

Alex, your project supervisor, did a superb job of ensuring that the work was done with a precision and craftsmanship.  Overall, the “value-quotient” of the job was extremely high.  I am very satisfied.

-John Baughman, Lake Stevens

Alex was attentive to our needs and promptly answered our many questions.  He went out of his way to assemble an example of our roofing materials to be sure that we were happy with our chosen color prior to having it installed.

~Karen Fineide, Everett

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