Because Pro Roofing is a family owned and operated business, we thought it appropriate for you to get to know us a little better. After all, we’ve built our reputation based on being honest and providing a high level of quality to our customers.

We’ve come to your home and helped you with your roofing and gutter needs. Why not take a turn and learn more about who we are?

We have three main groups that make up our winning team. Be sure to check out all of them!

Leslie Phan

Alex Silva

Office Team

Having a professional crew doing the work, and a knowledgeable representative at your home is a must, but it takes more than that to make the job go off smooth as you’re probably hoping for.

Meet the office team!

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Ryan Wahlbrink

Micah Valentine

Sales Team

Let’s face it, sales is the fuel that runs the company’s engine. It’s a tricky one, however. The sales representative coming to your door must convey the right feeling onto you, the customer. At Pro Roofing, we’re proud of our professional sales staff.

Meet the sales team!

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Foremen Team

Ever wonder who’s coming to you home? Choosing your roofing company is more than the representative who shows up at your door. Chances are he isn’t doing the work. So who is? At Pro Roofing, we’re proud of our roofing pro’s!
Meet the foremen team!

Ronivan Pro Roofing Foreman

Ronivan Pro Roofing Foreman

Fransisco Palma, Pro Roofing

Fransisco Palma, Pro Roofing

Marlon Castellanos is a Pro Roofing foreman

Marlon Castellanos, Pro Roofing

Pro Roofing Foreman

Vinicius Oliveira, Pro Roofing

More Pro Roofing Crews!

More Pro Roofing Crews!









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